Welcome to a new Splurge-Save post! This week is dedicated to one of my favourite shoe and even though this already came out last year, I am still equally as obsessed.

I used to Splurge the it came to shoes and bags, not often but I did, however, I realised that when it comes to statement shoes, splurging sometimes might not be the best option. E.g the Balenciaga triple S sneakers which I got, wore maybe 5 times and then wondered why on earth did I get them.

Don’t get me wrong, I still “like” them, but my point is that I didn’t wear them enough to justify the price and now I wish I didn’t. I’ve gotten a bit smarter on how I spend my money and I have become a DIY machine during the quarantine, however since I still couldn’t get these Prada shoes out of my mind, I started to scout for an alternative.

I found these laces shoes at ZARA a few weeks back and even tho they are not identical, they still have the same vibe and chunkiness I like so they will do, for now :P.

Prada Monolith shoes | ZARA Shoes

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