Soft, Glowing Skin – Reviewing KLAVUU’s Special Care Face Treatment Oil

Soft, Glowing Skin – Reviewing KLAVUU’s Special Care Face Treatment Oil

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Dry patches are my ultimate nightmare during winter. Trying to moisturize my parched skin is like putting a bandage over a serious graze. To fend off dry winter skin, preparation is key. This is why I picked KLAVUU’s Special Care Face Treatment Oil to incorporate into my winter skin care routine.

Although KLAVUU is a familiar K-Beauty brand to many, this is my first time trying it. KLAVUU is a portmanteau of the Swedish words for clear and view, which also encapsulates the brand’s goal to make bright, clear and healthy complexions achievable.

As a face oil enthusiast, I always have a few bottles in my cabinet. Face oils aren’t only for dry skin. All skin types can implement them, even more so during winter months when dryness becomes a common concern. The beauty of adding face oil to your routine is that it not only creates a protective film to lock in moisture, but often also delivers anti-aging benefits.


Special Care Face Treatment Oil

What is it? A face oil suitable for all skin types, formulated with six kinds of EWG green grade oils to provide intense nourishment that is quickly absorbed into skin.

In detail:

Like most face oils, the Special Care Face Treatment Oil comes in a sleek and reliable glass dropper bottle. Boasting a light, golden hue, the formula is a nice mix of antioxidants and emollients, including sunflower oil, Korean pearl oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, grape seed oil and olive oil. The texture is thinner and runnier than anticipated, but it spreads on silkily and gets absorbed instantly, leaving a subtle and fresh glow.

Face oils generally leave a lingering oil scent no matter how floral or fruity their aromas may be initially. In this case, the after scent was mild, like a blend of citrus and floral notes. After checking the ingredients, I believe the rosewood oil and grapefruit peel oil generated this soothing scent.


My Evening Experience

The Special Care Face Treatment Oil is currently the second to last step in my evening skin care routine, after serums but before night cream. I use one to two drops, which is enough to cover both my face and neck, and any excess is applied around my collarbone and shoulders. I prefer warming the oil with my palms beforehand, which is my go-to technique to activate the product and also to prevent using more than needed.

I love how pillowy soft the oil is on my skin − it feels like a warm hug! Sometimes I skipped the night cream step because the face oil felt so nourishing that I feared adding anything on top might be too heavy.


My Daytime Experience

I use face oils sparingly for my morning regime, limiting myself to less than a full droplet for a soft, glowy finish instead of a full-on dewy look. Initially, I was worried that this oil would reduce the adherence of my foundation, but surprisingly my makeup stayed on better throughout the day. Normally, by lunchtime, some of my makeup has worn off already. After incorporating this oil, my makeup still looked good and fresh at the end of the day.

The Verdict

I immediately fell in love with KLAVUU’s Special Care Face Treatment Oil the moment it touched my skin. I’ve used many face oils, but this one is pretty special. It’s the perfect blend of nourishing and refreshing, and super light without compromising on its effects. Just imagine an effortless soft glow in the morning, and going to sleep with pillowy-soft skin at night!

I recommend the Special Care Face Treatment Oil for those with dry and sensitive skin like me. I’ve also seen quite a few positive reviews from users with combination skin, which makes sense given the oil’s light texture. This face oil may not be the best for those with oily skin, but half a drop of it may help them deal with dehydrated skin in winter.

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