Small Talk: MIZON’s Ampoule Miniature Set

Small Talk: MIZON’s Ampoule Miniature Set

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Winter skin needs extra love, so it’s not surprising that the YesStylist editors couldn’t wait to give MIZON’s Ampoule Miniature Set a try. Famous for popularizing snail-mucin-based creams, K-Beauty fave MIZON has since diversified its product range to include everything from exfoliating toners to collagen-infused essences. Its ampoules are reputed to be packed with skin benefits, particularly for dry skin showing early signs of aging!

This deluxe set comprises of five travel-sized ampoules (also available in 30ml versions):

1. Hyaluronic Acid 100 Ampoule
2. Collagen 100 Ampoule
3. Placenta 45 Ampoule
4. Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule
5. Night Repair Seruming Ampoule

Each version provides different benefits, such as brightening, hydration and intensive skin repair. Read on to find out which ampoules worked best for our different skin types!

Michelle: How’s the changing weather treating everyone’s skin? Mine’s definitely much drier. 😢

Zoe: I’ve been doing okay tbh! Been layering lots of serums and face oils but still looking for that extra boost to keep my skin firm. 😂

Dianne: I’ve just made a switch to a more hydrating skin care routine 🤞 but I need something to soothe my maskne as well.

Maureen: Same for me! Definitely need more hydration than ever.

Sarah: I’ve also been trying to find a moisturizer I like! Been testing out different ones but nothing’s really stuck. 😛

Michelle: Finding the right product’s just really difficult sometimes! Has anyone tried adding an ampoule to their regular routine?

Zoe: Not yet! Do you have a specific one in mind?

Michelle: MIZON’s Ampoule Miniature Set!

Maureen: That’s cute! 🤩 I’ve always loved this brand!

Zoe: Omg, five of them. 😂

Dianne: Ooh~ I tried a couple of things from MIZON this spring and they were great! Tbh I’ve had my eye on MIZON’s snail mucin ampoule since forever… It’s a bestseller and I’ve only heard good things about it! BAGSIESS

Sarah: Omg yesss! I’ve wanted to try their famous All In One Snail Repair Cream for ages!

Zoe: Haha, I actually tried their Snail Repair Eye Cream before. I have to confess it wasn’t my fave.

Michelle: Really 🤔. But seriously these bottles look so pretty. I feel like I just couldn’t resist!

Maureen: Not a fan of snail-based products, but I’m def curious about the anti-aging products. 😀

Michelle: Yea, I’m in the same boat lol. Shall we give it a try, then?

Sarah: I’m down to try the hyaluronic acid one! You can never have enough moisture.

Zoe: Can I get the placenta one? 😂 I need something to suppress my wrinkles and brighten my sleepy face.

Maureen: My eyes are on the Night Repair Seruming Ampoule. 😉

Michelle: And I’d like to nab that Collagen one please!

Dianne: 👌 As gross as snail mucin might sound, I’m completely sold on its skin care effects! My skin is hydrated and less irritated. 🥳

How’s everyone finding their own formulas???

Zoe: That sounds great! How often are you using it?

Dianne: Almost every day! It’s surprisingly not as sticky as I had feared and there’s no fragrance. There goes my prejudice against snail mucin!

Michelle: Yea, I love the fact that it was completely non-greasy and absorbed super quickly into my skin!

Zoe: Same! I’m loving mine. <3 Even though placenta also sounds horrifyingly gross, the texture is so nice! It absorbs magically quick lol. There’s practically no scent!

Maureen: I was afraid mine would smell like natto coz there’s natto gum in it, but thankfully it didn’t. XD Also it’s instantly absorbent.

Sarah: Omg yes. I also loved that mine wasn’t greasy at all! It’s super lightweight and refreshing but still moisturizing.

Dianne: I feel like everyone picked the right one for their skin type! My oily skin definitely reacted well with the snail mucin.

I thought that my skin would feel uber-greasy afterwards but thankfully it didn’t! It’s so lightweight that it’ll be great even for acne-prone skin! I had a couple of breakouts just before using it, but everything cleared up within a week or two. 👍

Maureen: Yea, I feel like all of them are suitable for sensitive skin!

Zoe: I’m not sure if it’s the combined effort of all the skin care I’m using right now or whether the placenta ampoule is doing the heavy lifting, but something’s working! I’ve been using this every day and I’ve noticed that my face looks firmer and brighter no matter how sleep-deprived I am. 😂

Maureen: And my wrinkled skin loves the Night Repair Seruming Ampoule. It’s rich and nourishing but doesn’t leave any sticky residue. It works like Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, but this one is loads cheaper!

Sarah: The formulas are proven to have 0% skin irritation, which must be why they fared so well on all our skin types. 🥰

They all have slightly different effects, but the main shared feature is wrinkle improvement. How effective was that for everyone?

Maureen: It works fine for me! It’d probably take more than two weeks to show more dramatic improvement, but so far so good. It makes me wanna try all of them~~~

Michelle: I do feel my skin getting bouncier after usage, although I probably didn’t use it religiously enough to experience that wow factor lol.

Dianne: Thankfully, I don’t have any wrinkles yet 😂 so I can’t say how effective it is in that department!

Maureen: I’m so envious. 😂

Zoe: I’m using it so much I only have 20% of it left. Defo want a full-sized bottle now!

Sarah: I’m seriously considering getting a full-sized bottle too! 10ml alone isn’t enough to get me through winter. 😂

Dianne: YES!!! It’s so smallll.

Michelle: I know…I feel like I’ll be down to my last drop in another week’s time. Gotta stock up soon!

Zoe: Oh lawd, we’ve all become MIZON ampoule converts.

Michelle: Btw has anyone tried pairing it with other serums? I’m curious.

Zoe: I have!

Dianne: I’m too scared to mix it with anything 🙈 so I’ve stuck to using the product by itself!

Michelle: Hahaha, snail mucin is probably potent enough on its own though.

Zoe: I use it just before I layer on my I Dew Care brightening serum, since it comes in a thicker texture than the MIZON placenta one. It works fine!

Michelle: I’ve also paired mine with a hyaluronic acid-based serum I’ve got lying around – so far so good!

Maureen: Mine’s quite thick. I use my fave Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion as a toner before layering it on. Then I seal in all that moisture with iUNIK’s Propolis Cream.

Sarah: I haven’t mixed mine with anything cos I think it works fine alone! But after hearing Dianne rave about snail mucin, I might try mixing it with a snail essence I have from Benton!

Dianne: We’ve tried soooo many kinds of skin care items this year! I want to try body care products next time~~


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