Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 16 – 2 2, 2020

Want to turn a solo mission into a team effort? Intensify your efforts before the weekend, as enchanting Venus flows through Libra and your eighth house of bonding. On Monday, November 16, she’ll get a burst of wind from Jupiter in Capricorn and your communal eleventh house. Someone you’ve known in a group setting could reveal greater potential. Explore! This might be the perfect person for a pair-bonding activity. You might team up on a business venture or just become “accountability buddies” as you support each other’s success. Just make sure you’re not projecting a fantasy onto anyone. Monday’s rose-colored vantage point can screen out a few red flags. Fear not, Pisces: Any reality checks will come on Thursday, when sober Saturn throws a challenge to Venus. You’re judged by the company you keep, so bear in mind that your affiliations will reflect on you. Make sure people have integrity and values you can stand behind—and that they’re not expecting you to pull more weight than is humanly possible!

Before you get locked into anything permanent, take this into consideration: On Saturday, vixen Venus vamps into Scorpio and your spontaneous, liberated, adventurous ninth house until December 15. While Scorpio energy can intensify your emotions, Venus has plenty of room to play—and stretch her wingspan—in your ninth house. Single Fish will happily swim laps for hours in the endless dating pool! Ease up on the goal-orientation and just enjoy whoever you reel in. There’ll be ample time to make any binding decisions later, after you’ve broken the ice and figured out if the attraction was more than just a tidal wave of “new relationship energy.” The candid ninth house can inspire you to speak from your heart, expressing yourself more directly than you’re used to. Couples can take off the filters and be open and honest about, well, everything. (Just remember to be as compassionate as you are blunt.) Since this realm also rules travel and adventure, wanderlust could strike at any second over the next three weeks. And Venus will underscore the “lust” part of the equation. Even a mini getaway (alone or a deux) will stoke your embers and hit “reset” for single or coupled Fish!

Stay on the grid and near a steady wireless connection though! The stars pour rocket fuel into your professional tanks this Saturday, as the Sun blazes into the sign of the upward-aiming Archer and your career corner until December 21. No sign mixes business with pleasure more skillfully than Pisces, so whatever you do, think multi-purposely. The holidays provide a perfect “excuse” for going the extra mile to woo clients and colleagues. Yes, you’ll have to get creative with all the soirees cancelled due to COVID. Send a gift or even organize a holiday party by Zoom with door-side delivery of amazing food sent to everyone on the screen. If you’ve been mulling an entrepreneurial launch, this could be your moment…or at least the perfect time for a beta test or listening party. Pisces on the hunt for more appropriate employment should accelerate your efforts now. People still hire at the end of the year, and with all the charm you have in your pocket now, you could walk right into an amazing opportunity that shifts the tide of your 2021!

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