My Mom Is Turning 61 This Month and Wants to Add These 5 Trends to Her Wardrobe

I often chat about my mother, Nancy, across various stories in regards to her shopping habits. For instance, this recent piece on the items she’s retiring and adding into her wardrobe. Well, I wanted to tap her again to see if there are any other items she’s interested in mixing into her rotation. While age clearly has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, I’m always interested in her sartorial point of view over 60 given that she has spent quite a few years testing out a variety of looks to see what works best for her style.

Oh, and fun fact, she’s actually turning 61 this month. HBD, mom. On that note, I thought it could be fun for her to highlight the specific trends she’s been into that she may want to try over the next year. For the most part, the looks in question all fit within her more classic vibe. Keep scrolling to check out the trends in question as highlighted on various fashion follows, complete with insights from my mother. You’ll also find a range of inspired shopping picks as well in case one of the trends catches your eye.

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