It’s Trump and Giuliani vs. Trump’s real lawyers on election allegations

It’s not just Giuliani. Again and again, Trump’s lawyers (many of whom have since jumped ship) have had to acknowledge that there is no evidence of the kind of fraud Trump and Giuliani keep claiming exists, including massive mail-in ballot fraud, or Republican observers being excluded from vote counts, or dead people voting, or Dominion Voting Services cheating.

In the same hearing in which Rudy was forced to admit “This is not a fraud case,” co-counsel Linda Kerns was asked by Judge Brann whether she would “agree with me that you are not proceeding based on allegations of fraud or misconduct; is that correct?” Kerns answered, “I am not proceeding on those allegations.” In another hearing in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Trump lawyer Jonathan S. Goldstein was asked by the judge if was was claiming fraud in disputing about 600 ballots. “To my knowledge at present, no,” Goldstein responded. In Maricopa County, Arizona, Trump’s lawyer said, of his own volition, “We are not alleging fraud in this lawsuit. […] This is not about fraud.”

In a Bucks County, Pennsylvania, courtroom Wednesday, Trump lawyers signed court documents attesting that there was no evidence for fraud or misconduct among the more than 2,200 “defective ballots” they are contesting there. In signing the joint stipulation—and agreement by both parties in the case on the fact stipulated in it—they swore that they are not alleging “fraud,” or “misconduct,” or “impropriety,” or “undue influence” among those ballots in their claim. They also stipulated that there is no evidence that the county Board of Elections “counted ballots without signatures on the outer envelope.” They also stipulated that they “do not allege, and there is no evidence, that any of the challenged ballots were cast by, or on behalf of, a deceased person.”

So dead people didn’t vote and the election was not stolen, Trump’s lawyers have reiterated in court again in Arizona: “We are not alleging anyone is stealing the election. […] It is not a stealing-the-election case.” Dead people did not vote in the election, his lawyers admit. There wasn’t fraud, the election machines weren’t engineered to vote for Biden, Republican observers weren’t shut out of the canvassing process—none of the fantasies Giuliani and team pressed (there’s a taste of them in this thread) in their big “evidence” press conference—and Trump’s other lawyers have sworn so. In court.

This isn’t about the courts anymore. It’s about riling up the deplorables and pressuring elected Republicans into participating in this coup. And it’s starting to work.

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