Donald Trump thanks parody account claiming to be his sister for her support

If one clicked through to the Dupree article, he writes an update saying “This tweet was widely shared online and covered by other publications. While this has not been officially “fact-checked” by social media executives and professionals, we’re hearing from many others that this is not actually the account of Ms. Elizabeth Trump, but is actually a parody account.” The account seems to have been set up two days ago and is filled with succinct attacks on just about everyone from Michelle Obama to Chris Wallace and Tucker Carlson.

Here are a couple of examples.

So, while this is a parody account and Donald Trump is a dangerous fool, the message is painfully the same as most MAGA accounts.


Elizabeth Trump Grau, has stayed out of the press for the most part during her life. By most accounts she has been frequently seen at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, appearing in photos with massage parlor owner and Chinese CEO liaison, Li Yang.

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