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With 5,031 new Covid-19 cases reported Thursday, Los Angeles County has reached a daily case count not seen before in the pandemic.

The previous daily case high, recorded just Wednesday, was 3,994. The summertime peak in Los Angeles averaged just over 3,000 cases per day.

The increase in cases is climbing at an alarming rate.

“From Oct. 28 to Nov. 10, the average daily cases have increased 68%,” County Health Officer Muntu Davis reported. “We are seeing a much more rapid surge in cases than we saw in the summer.”

Late June to early July saw a steep incline of a 43% case increase in Los Angeles. 

“Honestly, we never expected or hoped that we would be in this situation at this time of the year,” said Davis. “We were really hoping that would be, he would be in stage two by this time of the year. In November, getting our schools, you know, back open, but unfortunately we’re not seeing that. And this is an unfortunate place to be, as we’re going in the tradition of the traditional holiday season where people traveled and get together.” 

Davis was unable to identify the exact cause of the sudden surge.

“I think we have seen, based on interviews, a number of different activities that people have done it’s been very hard to pinpoint unless they know exactly, if they were around someone who became sick or found out later that someone was sick and did have the virus. You know, that’s where their exposure was,” he said.

Los Angeles health officials are encouraging people to stay with their households, wear face coverings when outdoors, and opt out of unnecessary travel.

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