Bidding Adieu to Classic Blue 2020 with daymellow’s BlueMarine Restorative Wash-Off Pack and Cloud Cream

Bidding Adieu to Classic Blue 2020 with daymellow’s BlueMarine Restorative Wash-Off Pack and Cloud Cream

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Although I’m typically a practical person when it comes to skin care, only purchasing products I need and will use repeatedly, there are still times when it’s difficult to resist pretty packaging. This is where daymellow comes in. My fellow editor Dianne tried out the brand’s soothing gels a while back and raved about the packaging and formulas, which feature luxe ingredients like gold and silver flakes as well as diamond powder. Seeing as we’re bidding our Classic Blue year adieu, now is a great time to try two ultra-aesthetic products from daymellow’s bestselling BlueMarine collection: the Restorative Wash-Off Pack and Cloud Cream!

Both products are formulated with the unique ingredient Bluemarine Complex, which is composed of deep ocean water from Korea’s Ulleung Island, aqua ceramide and guaiazulene, to deliver moisture, minerals and nutrients deep into skin while strengthening the skin barrier. The Bluemarine Complex also increases skin regeneration to prevent aging and soothes eczema and irritation.

BlueMarine Restorative Wash-Off Pack

Coming in a tall white tub with a plastic spatula, this wash-off jelly pack offers concentrated skin care for effective skin recovery. Suitable for those with dull, dry, sensitive, bumpy or rough skin, the pack creates soft, smooth and resilient skin. It’s formulated with natural moisturizing factor and ceramide NP, which keep skin moisturized by forming a protective film to prevent evaporation. The ingredients also include seaweed extract to calm and nourish dry and irritated skin, and tea tree extract to control excess sebum and oil as well as protect against external stimuli. Its mildly acidic formula made free of ethanol and menthol offers gentle cleansing while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.

Apart from its turquoise shade that reminds me of crystal clear water on some remote island, my favorite thing about this pack is its scent, which smells clean and fresh like body soap. Its dense jelly texture is also super fun and a rarity in my skin care collection.

To use this mask, scoop out a moderate amount with the spatula, spread it across skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Because I don’t have a lot of extra time in the morning, I saved this pack for relaxing nights in to substitute sheet masks. I was surprised to see that once scooped out, the jelly lost its blue shade and became mostly translucent. It gave off a cool and tingly sensation while tightening my skin. The pack dried quickly to a thin, barely-there layer and stayed firmly on skin without rubbing off, making it convenient to  get on with whatever you were doing. The washing-off process was simple, and the mask didn’t leave any sticky after-feel.

True to the product’s description, the pack left my skin clean, refreshed and smooth, although it wasn’t quite as moisturizing as expected. After a prolonged period of use, my oily skin became calm and clear with a more refined texture, though I’d have liked to see more changes in softness and resilience.

BlueMarine Cloud Cream

Housed in an elegant clear jar, this cream is formulated with coconut extract to moisturize, provide acne care, repair damaged skin and improve skin elasticity. It’s enriched with meadowfoam seed oil to create a moisture barrier for glowy skin, and aloe vera and turmeric extracts to soothe irritated skin with antibacterial effect. Guaiazulene adds anti-inflammatory properties and gives the cream its signature blue hue! It promises to offer deep and long-lasting hydration, nutrition and elasticity, without leaving a greasy sensation.

This aptly named Cloud Cream comes in the most gorgeous deep cornflower blue that gives off a dreamy, floating-in-the-clouds vibe. It has the same lovely scent as the wash-off pack, although I found the cream’s aroma milder and less sweet, so if you’re not a fan of strong fragrances, this is for you. As the cream is rather thin, it dissolves quickly and its color dissipates as you rub it into skin.

The product description states that its mild texture leaves skin cool and fresh, but despite the lightweight consistency, it left a somewhat oily, heavy feeling on my skin that remained after a full night’s sleep. Thankfully, I did find this cream more moisturizing than the wash-off pack. Furthermore, since using it, my skin has become brighter, with less acne.

As I used the cream in conjunction with the wash-off pack, I enjoyed a double dosage of effects from the Bluemarine Complex and was awarded with happy, content skin – a great way to end the year.

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