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Seven-year-old Anton (“almost seven-and-a-half”) recently got a bedroom makeover with a little help from Brooklinen. Here’s a peek, if you’d like to see…

Anton's Bedroom Makeover

For the past four years, Anton almost never slept in his room. He’d cuddle up in Toby’s room, or he’d try to crash with Alex and me. Eventually, he admitted that he was scared of the birds on his old wallpaper. It reminded me that even though he acts like a twenty-something, he’s still so little.

So, we wanted something that would really feel like him. Anton chose the peach wall color, which surprised me, since it’s not a typical little kid color. But he wanted a cozy vibe: “I like it, it’s nice, it’s very warming,” he explained.

Anton's Bedroom Makeover

The most important thing was making sure his bed felt soft and inviting. Like all of the beds in our home, we turned to Brooklinen. “My bed is VERY comfy,” he says. “I like it that way.” Anton has the classic cotton sheets, which are always cool and crisp.

Anton's Bedroom Makeover

When it came to choosing the art, Anton was happy to weigh in. The buffalo print hung in our old bedroom, so he was glad to inherit it. Anton is obsessed with music, and his Beatles print reflects that. “It brings back memories of good music,” he told me.

Anton's Bedroom Makeover

These days, when we’re home all the time, our beds have become more important than ever. Great bedding is always a pick-me-up, especially with the change of seasons. Right now, Alex and I have Brooklinen’s indigo linen duvet on our bed, which is the softest landing place at the end of the day. Brooklinen has everything from crisp cotton to linen to sateen to cashmere, depending on what you prefer. If you’re looking for a change (or a great holiday gift for the whole family), I can’t recommend them enough.

Anton's Bedroom Makeover

Overall, Anton is very happy with the way it all turned out. “Every time I come to my room, I feel welcome to my room.”

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(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Brooklinen, a brand we’ve loved and used in our home for years. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep Cup of Jo running.)

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