20 Stylish Design Accessories for the Home-Obsessed Person in Your Life

If there was one place we’ve all found sanctuary in 2020 it’s home. Back when our calendars were packed with in-person meetings, commuting to and from the office, and traveling for business, our home almost took a backseat and for many of us, myself included, we took it for granted.

It’s safe to say that home has taken on an entirely new meaning now and as much as it has been challenging (and frustrating) I am honestly so grateful for the quality time I’ve been able to spend in our small L.A. apartment with my family.

It’s also been the perfect time to redecorate. I mean, if you stare long enough at the four walls around you, you’re going to get the itch. I recently redesigned my living/dining area and bedroom. It was so nice to have a new challenge and something to focus on other than the endless scroll of my phone. Besides, I’m a homebody at heart and with the onset of the holiday season, I felt like it needed a cozy refresh.

So, if you know a fellow homebody who’s also feeling the redesign itch then read on for a curated list of my favorite design accessories to turn their home into a stylish sanctuary. I dare you not to add something to cart for yourself, too!


There is nothing better than game night when it’s cold outside. Get the whole family together for a stylish match of Dominos. The beauty of this set is it looks good when you’re not playing them—it’s a win-win!

It was only a matter of time before the über stylish and impossibly cool, Athena Calderone started bringing her own creative designs to life. This petit footed bowl was designed in collaboration with Beau Rush and it’s the most stylish accessory for any home-obsessed person in your life. Give the gift of a new daily ritual and pair it with palo santo.

Reclaiming our rest is the new 2020 mantra and this organic bath try will remind you to take time for yourself while you soak your limbs and regenerate.

Who said style had to be expensive? Target does it again with their Project 62 collection. This stylish marble lamp is a stunning addition to any living room or home office.

Dim the lights and light a candle this season to evoke that warm and cozy mood. CB2 have so many great candle holders to match every decor style but we love this gold, sculptural version to light up your holiday tablescape or for your side table as you read before bed.

This stylish vessel is proof that storage can be chic. The stoneware material and natural shade make it the perfect piece for almost every room, shelf, or desk in the house.

There are so many uses for these stylish bowls. Yes, they have their obvious primary function for serving salads but these are so beautiful, they also have a decorative use. Set them on a stack of books on your living room shelves or fill them with palo santo, crystals, and other decorative objects on your coffee table. The possibilities are endless.

If there is one thing we want more of this year, it’s Mother Nature. With so many of us being cooped up inside during quarantine to flatten the curve, we’re all craving greenery and fresh air. So why not bring it indoors with these stunning planters. They’re so chic on top of a side table or hallway credenza to brighten up your space.

The entire Camille Styles HQ is borderline obsessed with vintage vessels and pottery. This handmade piece will add an artisanal touch to any space.

Swap out your regular salad tools for these resin servers and spark conversation around the dinner table. Then leave them out on the table for everyone to admire.

There’s nothing quite like the soothing fragrance of a scented candle to add those warm and cozy vibes. This Cire Trudon will make any home smell and look like holiday.

Every homebody loves a luxury candle so help them snuff and clip the wicks with this stylish candle accessory set.

Bring some texture and patina into your home with an antique urn. This one would look great with fresh clippings and sculptural branches from outside—we love holiday décor inspired by nature.

If candles aren’t your vibe, then create a new ritual with this incense that will transport you to the Cote D’Azur—somewhere we’d all rather be!


I have two of these styled on my bedroom bookshelf to bring texture and warmth into the fairly natural space. I love how expensive these look but they won’t break the bank.

There is something so poetic about burning incense and meditating on the smoke as it slowly rises into the air around you. Create your own ceremony with one of my favorite burners from Cinnamon Projects. I have the brass version but will be adding this crystal set to my wish list this year.

I’ve always been a fan of pieces that have a double duty like this beautiful rattan waste bin that looks so chic it actually adds to the style of a room. Turning trash into treasure!

This one is perfect for the minimalist in your life who loves to keep things simple but cherishes the art of ritual. Position this acorn holder in the base of your favorite bowl or the Athena Calderone design we listed earlier for a beautiful contrast of design and ceremony.

It’s time to elevate your bathroom—after all, it is now considered self-care central. Although, these marble accessories would be just as chic in your living room, bedside table, home office, well, just about anywhere you want to elevate a space.

If you want to impress your favorite person this season, give them the Byredo burning rose candle. I wish I could relay just how delicious this candle smells through my words but you’re just going to have to buy it to believe it. It gives off a fragrance even when it’s not burning so position it on your bedside table or bookshelf so the burnt rose smell can waft over and boost your mood whenever you walk past.

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